EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System

Energy Platform

EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System

ESG-400 electrosurgical generator, the USG-400 ultrasonic generator, and monopolar single and dual footswitches. The system is the only surgical tissue management system that delivers every common form of energy used in surgery today (monopolar, bipolar, ultrasonic, and advanced bipolar), as well as the revolutionary combination of advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies.

Key Benefits

  • True universal platform designed to provide multiple energy modalities to support a myriad of clinical specialties
  • Reduce OR footprint by eliminating redundant generators
  • Easy to use touch screen interface and plug-and-play technology


Voltage Range: 100 to 120 V~ / 220 to 240 V~
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum Input Power: 1,500 VA
Power Fuse: 10 A (only FST-series from Schurter)
High Frequency Functions: Monopolar / bipolar
High Frequency: 430 kHz ± 20%
Maximum High Frequency Power: 320 W
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 370 × 465 × 156 mm
Weight: 12.5 kg

Voltage Range: 120 VAC 
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Maximum Input Power: 360 VA
Power Fuse: 4 A, 250 V ( ø5 x 20 mm)
Dimensions: (W X D X H) 375 x 480 x 156 mm
Weight: 9 kg