8.5 MM Hystero-Resectoscope


8.5 MM Hystero-Resectoscope

The 8.5 mm Hystero-Resectoscope features Logical-Locking-System (LLS) components, unsurpassed ergonomics, precise counterbalancing with an impressive 194 mm working length. When paired with the OES Elite 4 mm HD Telescope you get state-of-the-art HD-compatible technology that demonstrates increased depth of sharpness and excellent image resolution. Combined with a high precision working element designed to reduce friction for a smooth cutting experience, the OES Elite HD Telescope and the 8.5 mm Hystero-Resectoscope system provide the latest in innovation for controlled, precise and quick tissue removal.

Key Benefits

OES Pro 8.5 mm Hystero-Resectoscope features:

  • Rotatable continuous flow system
  • Unique Anti-Blocking-System to ensure clear view even under difficult conditions
  • Extremely light and well balanced at 248 gr.
  • Slim 8.5 mm outer sheath with an impressive working length of 194 mm
  • Ergonomic OES Pro working elements with reduced finger spread
  • Easy assembly and disassembly due to Olympus Logical-Locking-System (LLS)
  • Robust ceramic beak with lifetime guarantee against thermal damage